Elizabeth Lawler (Lead Vocals)

Izzy discovered her love of and talent for music at a very early age. She started singing when she was 9 years old and a short time after started singing at her local church. Inspired by her grandfathers powerful church voice. She decided then she was going to be singer…During high school she found a new passion performing in musicals. As a young adult she sang in weddings and always karaoke competitions. In 2012, when asked to try out for a local band l, then began her live scene. Became the new lead vocalist in the New Jersey band, Deja Vu and continued with them until 2014. After moving to North Carolina she connected with the band No Limits for classic southern rock from 2014 to 2015. Moved cross country in 2016 and hooked up with a band Izzy and the Thrusters… Moved back east and now the lead singer for Stage 3….

Tony Marinari (Lead Guitar)

Tony started playing guitar at the age of 12 where he studied under Thomas Gagliardi (Sony Troy) a monster jazz session player in the Philadelphia music scene. He continued his studies under various teachers such as Bobby Ferrara (Joe Lynn Turner) and recently Shawn Christie, a local legend of performance, guitar studies and music theory. Tony started his musical career on stage playing in his high school’s jazz band then simultaneously in a David Bowie tribute band in school and has been performing on stage ever since. From the early 80’s he was on the road touring in multiple bands before joining the band Wrathchild, a staple in popular 80s rock clubs like The Galaxy, Cell Block, Dick Lees, and Heaven. In the early 90’s he played in an original band called Triage, signed to EMI. In 1993 he answered an ad for a forming Scorpions Tribute band called Lovedrive, that band morphed into a classic rock cover band called Stage3 where he has played from New York to Maryland for close to 30 years doing all of you favorite classic rock and metal songs. In 2016 he also joined the original band Loaded Gun out of Southern New Jersey writing 80’s/90’s hard rock originals which are still getting airplay in Europe. Today as the music scene changes Tony changes as well, Stage3 retired and ICandee started, a dance party rock dual female fronted band having you dance and sing along all night. But Tony’s love of Tribute projects never stopped. Tony has been the Glenn Tipton for the Judas Priest Tribute band called MetalGodz for the past 16 years. Mgz has toured the country playing mostly metal festivals.. the most noted show to date was Jan 2020 when Mgz headlined at the Whiskey in LA… Metalgodz continues to tour today. In 2021 Tony teamed up with his Fiancée / Musical soulmate and started Shadows of The Night ..A Tribute to the music of Pat Benatar. You should catch
Tony on the stage doing what he loves to do best … he will not disappoint.

Lois Dallett (Bass Guitar)

Lois (aka Lo-E) began the pursuit of music at an early age. She learned the basics of piano and flute before moving on to acoustic guitar at the age of 14. Lo-E credits classic rock and disco music as the driving force behind her picking up a bass guitar. Soon thereafter she fell in love with the instrument and has now been playing bass for over 20 years. Throughout this time Lo-E has performed with several bands performing both covers and original music at venues in the NJ, PA and DE areas. In 2012 she co-founded the Christian rock band Never Forsaken with her husband Jim and toured the greater part of the country. Lo-E is currently endorsed by Spector Bass and Hartke amplification.

Jim Dallett (Rhythm Guitar)

Jim was influenced to play guitar by his father at the age of 8. He learned to play by ear while spending many evenings with his family listening to his dad’s extensive collection of 45 records. This early exposure to 50s, 60s and 70s music coupled with his later gravitation toward hard rock and metal developed Jim’s eclectic and rhythmic playing style. In 2007 he formed the original hard rock band Bound by Nothing and performed regionally until 2011 in support of two album releases. In 2012 Jim and his wife Lois (Lo-E) founded the Christian rock band Never Forsaken and toured the country extensively in support of their album “The Journey Here” that was produced by Dove award winning producer Travis Wyrick.

Bob Gant (Drums)

Bob started playing drums at 10yrs old after receiving his first drum set. He would listen to many songs and learn beats on his own . As a teenager Bob and his brother started their first band and began playing local parties and school dances. When his parents first took him to see a Kiss concert Bob became awestruck with drummer Peter Criss. Throughout his high school years Bob learned how to play many different styles of music by playing in a working wedding band and would continue on to be involved in many other working bands over the years. For a period of time he lived in California and toured extensively with a national act. Bob enjoys teaching drum lessons and grooming many young drummers in the South Jersey region.

Bob Thomas (Keyboards)

In addition to handling all keyboard duties and some backing vocals for Shadows of the Night, Bob also teaches piano part time at the Resonance School and NJ School of Music and also helps accompany vocal and string recitals. Since 2015, he’s performed with several cover and tribute bands such as: Ghoul BC, Arena Gods, Peabody’s Wayback Machine and iCandee.